Sunday, October 11, 2009

Credit Repair Services - Five Must-Have Benefits

If you are in the market for credit repair services, it will behoove you to know beforehand what to expect. The average person is not aware of what should be expected from a credit repair company, and this is why they cannot judge which will be the best choice of credit repair services they can get. Any good and trusted company will be able to provide a wealth of good services, but you should watch for the following:

1. The charges - dishonest agencies will demand their fees prior to delivering any services. And why is this? Because they know they can't do what they claim they can do they know they won't get paid when you find out. A reputable credit repair company will charge the fees in a way that charges for initial services and additional payments each month as they continue to work on your credit.

The charges must be proportionate to the services. Do some "homework" regarding what fees are common to give you an idea of what is customary.

2. Getting your credit report corrected - competent credit repair services will contact the three major credit bureaus, until everything on your credit report is correct. In order to bring this about it will repeatedly follow-up with the credit bureaus until the task is completed.

3. Provide financial education - you will only be hiring the company temporarily. This is a good reason to learn all you can about being self sufficient financially. Good credit repair services will help you to become financially savvy.

The company will help you along until such time as you can, on your own, regularly obtain and analyze your credit report, how to go about correcting erroneous accounts, and most importantly provide you counseling so you will learn how to best manage your finances so you can remain credit worthy.

4. Individual customization - a lot of agencies will utilize credit repair software in providing your services. But more is needed. Everyone's situation is unique, and the "cookie-cutter" approach of a computerized service alone will not do the job. The best credit repair services will demand that the service be tailor-made to your needs, in spite of the usefulness of modern state-of-the-art software.

5. Always stay within the law - the trustworthy credit repair company will invariably stay within the law. If you suspect that a credit repair agency is doing otherwise, run the other way!

Although you're very eager to have your credit improve, or get your credit history modified to leave out things like debt collections and bankruptcy - it's important to know this cannot always be accomplished in every case. Credit repair firms that make too-good-to-the-true claims, might be using less than reputable tactics, and if you go along with them, you become an accomplice. You definitely don't want to go this route.

The best credit repair services will likely provide additional services as well as those we've enumerated, but be sure to look for these at minimum. In choosing a reputable agency never discount the value of personal recommendation.

Another good option is to ask the company for references. In addition, check with the "watchdog" of credit repair companies, the Ethical Credit Repair Alliance. Do not be afraid to ask for clarifications until you are satisfied that you are getting the best!

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